Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sadness rules

Have we ever thought..
what pleasure do we get in gaining sympathy from others?
why we like sad songs more than happy ones?
why we are more attracted to the sadness of life?
why do we brag about our pain?
Why is break up more memorable than falling in love?
why we are haunted with the fear of death and don't find the joy of living
why we think of leaving before we even arrive?
why we find flaws in the people overlooking the good qualities in them?
why do we love bitching about people around us?
why we realize the importance of happiness when it is gone?
why we miss are loved ones and think of things unsaid?
why we repent the past and not enjoy the present?
why bad thoughts come before?
Negativity has grabbed us in its clutches in such a way that...the good things in life have become hideous..
Sadness quietly and dominantly rules our ways of life...lets now define happiness and fill it in our lives..

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Contemplation of the present

Recently i was reading an article by a famous author
He intrestingly says that the contemplation of the present is most important
All our lives we just plan for future or repent for past
We should now gaze upon our present and plan it in such a way that
we live every day as the last day of our life
We meet people as we are meeting them for the last time
We talk to our loved one as we are doing it for the last time
Then only we can relish our present...
He also says that both pessimist and optimist die at the end
The only difference is the way they live their lives
This is a very heart touching quote...i have come across recently
And it forces me to think how much am i living my present and amazingly the answer
came that i am not..
Nowdays we are just running after status,money,materialistic things
and not after relationships,values,traditions which are more important...
(No offence just a point of view)
The future is unceratin and past has gone but present has to be taken care of
My piece of advice "LIVE LIFE DON'T PASS THROUGH IT":)

Untamed destiny

Destiny...a big word but,cliched big time
This word acts as a saviour for lot of us
Though the due course is untamed but
The usage of the word is fantastically dramatized
A good way to escape from the efforts required
A better way to compensate for the shortcomings
A best way to prove the disability or "impossibility"
poor word! all the expectations,efforts rests on it
It is believed that "Destiny" will miraculously fix life
Life is like a crossword puzzle which is destined to be solved
Hints are also given in real life the same way in puzzle
Although we get some of the hints correct but the rest come to us with time
The same way the life gives us hints all the time to achieve our destiny
But we understand some intially,with our prior experience
and the rest comes with time and efforts
Everyone of us have our own destiny in life
Whatever people say or think it doesn't matter
What matters is achieving it on our own
Destiny certainly is untamed but entirely achievable