Monday, May 23, 2011

Constant judmental

The forever on going thing which we come across is being "judgemental" or "judged"
By the way my question is ..who gives us the power of being judgemental about other person's life
Proving things right or worng is nobody's business coz who has termed or certified their theory of correctness
Everybody has the right and freedom of living in their own way, carry their own perspective.
Constant judgemental is faced in almost all situations whether:
making decision, performing action, appreciation/criticism,maintaining relations
This fear is somewhere deep inside all of us .
Running away or not performing is not the solution instead belief and avoidance is
Believe in yourself and rest will fall in place ..
Avoid it so that it does not weakens you and you can go on with ur own set of virtues..

Mile Tum

Jis din mile tum
Jeevan mein bhar gaye naye rang
Iss kadar chaaye dil per tum
Ki badla har dhang
Shuruat thi nayi aur kathin
per sab tha aasan tumhare sang
Samaye ke saath sab badla
Aur aaj humari zindagi mein hain ek nai tarang
Kash ki tum pehle milte
Bhar jaati iss jeevan mein aur bhi zyaada umang..

Birds of feather flock together...

True indeed...birds of feather flock together
To fit into others frame of mind we tend to behave like them a flock
But once we become friends we just loose that added characterstic...
Thats why a lot of times we make friends real soon and loose them sooner than that
Its hard to maintain our individuality in order to please people
It is rightly said that we everybody around u is happy with u then something is wrong as u can't please everybody!
We shoud carry our own attire while making new relationships so that they last long..
Coz only genuine relationships accepts u as u are..