Saturday, October 24, 2015

The saga of Stay at home mommy (SAHM)

Of all the things i have done so far in the last 3 decades being SAHM (stay at home mommy) is the most toughest one (you know like round the clock mommy kinds)
I am sleepy..crancky...sometimes starved and my clothes are full of drool n smell like baby food. Inspite of the fact that i hate the time is flying and my both  boys will soon be grownups , i loose it sometimes..on verge of my breaking  point  i remind myself not raise my voice (allthough i do shout afterthat) but that happens when your house becomes like the one on doomsday  with toys, balls,cars and miniature superheroes lying scattered in the house in a way that daily life becomes a treasure hunt!
So basically everyday life teaches you so much with these kiddos around , specially with two and no househelp except cleaning(as if it stays that clean by the end of the day)..we are expats here and since i don't have a license i can hardly take the kids outside (although the weather outside is equally responsible for not steeping out) that means that we are looking at the same 4 walls 5 days a week which can be be really tiring and absolutely boring.
Sticking both my boys together takes my sanity and a whole day of blabbering no's and spilling instructions from my bag of rules and the in between good time while the brotherly love overflows i borrow my time for writing,thanks to the technology these days i really can't figure out yet that how the SAHM survived before smartphones and internet.
The days approaching are looking all the more difficult to me as my 10 month old is already walking pulling out drawers..utensils...spilling water..throwing balls..pulling my hair (literally too )its going to be a hrll of a task.Parenting teaches you so much every single day with every single child from reframing rules rephrasing dialogues making them more mannered or associating them with fear to do a certain thing (believe me thats the only way you can make them do certaim things),rescheduling your (infact peeing too at times),rearranging the room...the lower shelves ,the last drawers,the toy boxes and every nitty gritty of your life.
Making deeper friendship bonds is equally difficult ,although i am a people's person still it seems impossible with this phase of life,with the husband travelling most of the time only coffee n my phone  are left as my main rescuer in the given condition.
Hope the coming days keep me calm and sorted so i can ingest my boys with humblesness and creativity..i do miss my independence and sanity but that doesn't takes away from me the fact that how much i love spending time with my boys and...being a round the clock MOM!

Monday, October 12, 2015


Have you ever noticed that there are some people we just get attached to in a brief conversation and then there are some with whom we take years to connect...and then there are times where  we misjudge the friendships! We really do, misconception about a person hinders our attraction or fondness towards that person and instead of choosing the right one,we just choose the limelight one and then that kind of friendship doesnt lasts long.
Ever wondered  how in a short span of time the frequency matches. It feels as if you have known the person for years or like your words are filled in their mouth ( I mean she is just like me )sometimes the likemindedness, similar experiences, similar situations or similar choices connects you to the other person's stigma.
I am totally a people's person and i believe strongest bond relationships in everyday life, imprinting a  mark is the best thing can be done in one's life
Without a companion life goes rough but without a likeminded person it just goes wasted.
Met someone recently or years ago with the conversation which ignites a spark in your mind leaving you with the joy of talking onl!y that is the one who will carry your loads off and will bring out the best in you..don't evwr let them go off your radar and treasure them for life.