Friday, March 21, 2014

Don't loose ,love fat!

Fat ...fat..fat ! The most important word round the world, someone wants to loose and someone wants to gain. An unwanted  higher prefrence is been given to it, and suprisingly whether you give 'your weight' much importance or not but other people do!
Besides the health problems, I don't see anything wrong in being fat. I am plump and I love it, does it change my mind or heart or the way I view things or the way I  do with my relationships??
Whats the fuss...why can't people let people be...everything in this world have different shapes and sizes then why not humans? So what if people petite have well formed molecules and perfect metabolism? Whether its xl..2xl..or 3 xl, noone wants to blow out of proportion but some metabolisms does it..! Its all nature if it would have been unnatural God would have made all the people of same shape.
Judgement and comments on basis of weight should be highly restricted, u know what the best dancers..cook..singers..even heroes come from this slot, try not giving such high equations to weight in your relationship..maybe you will loose out someone special or might hurt someone deeply!
Ok now tell me what is the problem if a person doent have vital statistics...uuuh I know actually she/he will not be a treat to watch! As if we care:(
By all this I dont mean to just become fat and not trying loosing my belly..but u dnt know whether why that person is fat and how much of an effort is being done by him/her to defeat the same, unfortunately our society looks up for everything idealistic...Ideal body..ideal features...ideal profession and a long list follows. No one can be perfect so enjoy being imperfect atleast.
This post of mine is just dedicated to all the people who have weight issues...pls enjoy yourselves because the time will fly and don't hook up on the discouragements and unwanted what you are love urselves! STAY FIT thats what is important and lastly eat well , eat right and don't starve your dear body!Love the fat m sure it will melt its way down;))