Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Being Mum of 2 boys

If given a chance of another life would you choose the same life like this?? I'll say no not at all, except some reservations and particularity i am ready to keep it all!
To sail with 2 kids on a boat even the quietest of the sea becomes the roughest of all and with both of them being boys adds the cherry on the cake. There is  a sudden total paradigm shift in your moods as well as your lifestyle with 2 of them by your side.
The sun rises up earlier and sets so late that a 6 hours sleep is a rare phenomenon. You have to get up when they get up and take power cat naps in between to compensate the night sleep. You cannot eat lunch later than 12 because the younger one   has to catch up with his  infant sleep...You can't dine out later than 7 in the night because the elder one has to catch up the sleep for to reach school on time tommorow.
Staying a country where summers reach a mark of 55 degrees and winter see a temperature as minimum of 2 degrees,technically you are stuck at home major time of the year..winters are no longer my favourite because with winters comes a tension of the kids falling sick and even if one of them falls sick, then it goes into the loop with each one of them. Summers are equally harsh with nothing outdoor and passing the time of the kiddos at home.
Its been a while i have slept a continous 6 hours sleep...enjoyed even a single meal...watched a movie in theatre...gone for shopping alone without a baggage...out on lunch date with friends...gone for holidays and even my favourite hobby of craft and writing has taken a back seat ,still i am glad about it at the end of the day thinking that how the chaos of this day has gotten  over,i am learning everyday equipping my self with the art of feeding solids (whether it be singing,playing,cruising)to my one  year old at the same time handling the tantrums and disciplining my 4 year old .
So much on my list with this beginning of a new year from loosing the baby belly,meditation , weaning, potty training and so on  lets see how far we reach, in this new year...for now i am just looking forward to being a  better Mommy..and there is absolutely nothing in the world i wanna trade for this mommy life!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Evaporating Moments

There are lots of moments which just pass by
And then there are some which are due for a long while
Some carry their full expression
And some which just stand by
I have some moments enclosed in my fist
Dying to crossfly
Keeping them close and warm i treasure them everyday
Because i know once i open they will evaporate away
Those small moments of love and care which gives a whole new meaning to everyday..
It seems like yesterday with all those memories building up..but remember there will be no new day like yesterday..
There are moments which mark your life imprinting its memory so strong but yet they go unrecognised with the "future planning" blinkers coming in their way..
Future unseen, unexperienced but yet so tempting that "today" is frayed
Content can surpass the expectation only if you want it to be in your mind
There are no bounds to success and no bounds to fortune but you have to choose  a path which matches your definition of  "right"...
This is what your whole wealth is in your human life , of how you lived with your Karma held up tight.
Making moment to treasure and keeping them as keepsakes for all your lives.
So start make moments right away  as you have the moment machine and there is still not much delay..
Steer your wheels to "today",living in the moment so that you never regret any of the each passing day..

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Labelling the Intentions

Oh how i wish if God had this technology of our times at the creation stage so that he could have fitted us all with a small LED chip on the forehead mentioning the intention in the head!
Imagine the small LED strip to flash the intention you have in your mind when you speak to anyone...everything would have been transparent and clear with no grudges and expectations!
Intentions are so easily misjudged sometimes they are too much over the top and sometimes are stingrays..and sometimes you just make fool of yourself with all the varied notions in ur mind.
Sometimes because of these intentions the whole equation for example the people you know from the longest time cannot connect to you but sometimes the recent relationships click so well. The genuineness is hard to find in these misprojected intentions.
Devoid of this LED strip we can only hope to go by our heart and our deep instinct in a relationship and that might keep us away from all the fake and destructive intentions!

To moon and back

There are so many feelings which rush into my mind
Thinking about the ever changing life and about so much left behind
Its like the waves who want to run away to the beach but still merge in the sea
The way you want become someone else but you cannot be
The moon helps the wave to stay sorted as an anchor all the time
Wish had a anchor like moon too on my side
Pulling me back when it is over the top and pushing me in front when it is required
Guiding me through the world full of uncertainties,maintaining my stride
How wonderful the world would have been if each one of us have our own moon to guide
Defining us our type , establishing a kind.
Freedom of thought is all what we seek and in the process we loose our tide
Hold on to the people precious...moments memorable and vulnerable values
These are your inheritance ,they will always stay by your side.