Monday, November 29, 2010

Experiences' Mouthpiece

I have concluded some things on based of my experience in life till date:

1. Everybody is in the race of success and wealth...and the worst part it ..if u are not in the race...phew u are damn inferior and out of the league
2. It should not matter what the other person is saying or doing..we should just do what we want to do with full happiness and satisfaction ...absolutely no comparisions!
3.There is no relationship as "best friend" ..all are friends at their own convience.
4. More time given to a person = you are taken for granted and you are treated as completely vella
5. Job is the only religion and nothing else
6. Socialising is a myth , privacy and please leave me alone are in fashion.
7. The stronger you behave, the weaker you are taken.

Either my way of living is too different or may be wrong but i really wanna say this--People please start living this is just one life one time..just listen,smile,chuck and move on..Talk your way out instead of those perceptions..people say they don't have time...what they are saying is cent percent correct...they don't have time to live,laugh,talk or rather exist!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Expression embeded words..

Randomly think about any word say "COLOURS"
the word itself is so vibrant and mesmerizing
Or lets say "COMFORTABLE"
I m so sure u feel that as soon as u pronounce that
The mood swings with the words "SAD","HAPPY","ANGRY"
makes u feel the same and even worse
Say "MONEY" and we find ways to get it or rather spend it
How these words and there usage brings them to life
Words can express a lot more than us
I sometimes think why these words don't have that much of a power
to control mind...
Think if we would say "THINK" then only it would think
If we would say "TENSION" then only it will take tension..
If these words could control mind ..half of the problems would vanish..
For now lets say " PEACE" mind is ticking to it...

A new address

I have a "NEW ADDRESS"!
Its another way of saying that i have bought a new home..
its a great feeling to own and design
To fill it it with all the ideas u had till date of your dream home
I have been doing the design stuff since 4-5 months
I have seen it becoming a home from house
and now finally it is over...
Have tried to bring ideas to realty..lets see how much justice have i done
But can't believe that what was on paper till yesterday
Is real today!!
I hope this home continues to stay a dream home..with all the joys fulfilled

Anjaani manzil

Jitna pakdti hu us reth ko hateli per
Utna hi daaman chudati hain yeh..
siskiyon mein simti hain zindagi is kadar
ki ashk bi lagte paani se yeh..
Samajh nahin aata ki samjhau unhe kis tarah
ki ab hum ho gaye juda juda juda se..
Ae kash aisa hota ki hum jo cahhe waisa hota
ki ab to mangte hain khuda se dua yeh..
Kisi raah mein mil jaaye aise
ki nadi aur samundar bhi le humse misal yeh..
Kehte hain samjahdaar yuh to sabhi hume
per phir bhi apne per aitbar ki kami ka ehsaas sa hota hain
Yun hi basar ho gai zindagi agar
to ek bhoj hamesha rahega mann per
ho sakta hain guzar jaati apni chahat ki buniyad per yeh..
Chod di hain zindagi takdeer ke bharose
dekhte hain le jaati hain hume kahan yeh..