Monday, May 30, 2016

Good old days

After looking at our parents I feel that their generation has lived the best of all the times, neither they were technology dependent nor were full of such demanding aspirations. They have the best of both the eras although they have very well accepted the new way of life still they firmly follow their older selves. Nothing can beat the hard work and discipline which our Fathers have and we are no where near to our Mothers' dedication,devotion and sacrifices. The new generation Moms although are hi-tech with all the resources which were hardly available before, crib about their style of life and how much they have to do in how less of a time.They managed so well with less than half of the resources and double the satisfaction we have. They used to sleep peacefully, cook their heart out, listen deeply and devoted the whole time in raising the kids.
They had a comparatively toned down life too, less of TV, internet and WIFI ,although they were missing out on a lot of things we do nowadays but it hardly mattered that time because there was no thing like that before (you only miss a thing after you get introduced to it)life seemed so calm and sorted out. There was no pressure of replying a blue ticked message on what's app; or liking a photo ;or wishing a birthday; or tweeting/ instagramming. You had a better way to escape the unwanted things without being caught red handed about avoiding the same.
There were no cell phones and believe me people existed, travelled even delivered babies without being informed over the mobile phone. Telegrams, postcards , handwritten letter always kept people on toes waiting for the postman to arrive, it must have been enticing to be not in touch , people knew the real meaning of the word missing and not like today when we are so available that we are hardly taken seriously by anyone.
The work for females was  only  profounded  to family and household, I am glad we are brought up in that way, I cannot imagine my Mom gone away when I came back from school! They were only expected to sew, cook, look after the house errands and kids, though they gave the whole lot of energies to build our foundations, but after becoming a Mom myself I have realized what a mammoth responsibility it is! To do even that much, to look after the house and the kids with all the facilities take up my whole day I don't know how did my Mom do so well with no support at all.
Money was important I feel but not was a primary motive, like today's world where everyone is running in an invisible, unending race to achieve something that is so material that it takes a toll on the relationships as well as health. For them the relationships were foremost  with an added advantage of a close knitted families to lean on for an extra care and support. The festivals were joyous,pompous and more meaningful not like today's where half are celebrated half heartedly and the other half are forgotten admist of all the lingering...I don't know how much we can pass on to our kids, the rituals,the reason to celebrate a particular occassion.
Also i realised that at their time the health issues were not as common as there are now like every second person has some or the other problem, they led a healthier lives with early to bed and early to rise unlike our late nights' schedule.
Migration towards the big cities have increased manifolds leaving the parents alone on their one can help this scenario but yes it is difficult for us as well as them, our parents who are left behind feeling lonely..and we getting nuclear and distant day by day ...hope we take a u turn sometime soon, ofcourse not leaving the resources we have now towards a better quality and calmer version of our lives passing on a rich cultural values to the coming generation.