Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Haste ..what a waste..

Haste wastes everything around..
Sometimes the decision taken in haste takes all what you have earned from u...
In my own life haste had gulped most of my priced possesions..
When i look back to those decisions they all look so absurd and amusing
Although they seemed perfect while making choices
So here i finally term the three important D's in any body's life
If we achieve all these three than life is a wonderful place to live
Most importantly than these three is another D called " Desire"
Haste can be avoided if these are followed in exactly the way they are written
As we cant go anticlock..all we can do is to stick to them now on..
Hope this works!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Experiences' Mouthpiece

I have concluded some things on based of my experience in life till date:

1. Everybody is in the race of success and wealth...and the worst part it ..if u are not in the race...phew u are damn inferior and out of the league
2. It should not matter what the other person is saying or doing..we should just do what we want to do with full happiness and satisfaction ...absolutely no comparisions!
3.There is no relationship as "best friend" ..all are friends at their own convience.
4. More time given to a person = you are taken for granted and you are treated as completely vella
5. Job is the only religion and nothing else
6. Socialising is a myth , privacy and please leave me alone are in fashion.
7. The stronger you behave, the weaker you are taken.

Either my way of living is too different or may be wrong but i really wanna say this--People please start living this is just one life one time..just listen,smile,chuck and move on..Talk your way out instead of those perceptions..people say they don't have time...what they are saying is cent percent correct...they don't have time to live,laugh,talk or rather exist!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Expression embeded words..

Randomly think about any word say "COLOURS"
the word itself is so vibrant and mesmerizing
Or lets say "COMFORTABLE"
I m so sure u feel that as soon as u pronounce that
The mood swings with the words "SAD","HAPPY","ANGRY"
makes u feel the same and even worse
Say "MONEY" and we find ways to get it or rather spend it
How these words and there usage brings them to life
Words can express a lot more than us
I sometimes think why these words don't have that much of a power
to control mind...
Think if we would say "THINK" then only it would think
If we would say "TENSION" then only it will take tension..
If these words could control mind ..half of the problems would vanish..
For now lets say " PEACE" ...my mind is ticking to it...

A new address

I have a "NEW ADDRESS"!
Its another way of saying that i have bought a new home..
its a great feeling to own and design
To fill it it with all the ideas u had till date of your dream home
I have been doing the design stuff since 4-5 months
I have seen it becoming a home from house
and now finally it is over...
Have tried to bring ideas to realty..lets see how much justice have i done
But can't believe that what was on paper till yesterday
Is real today!!
I hope this home continues to stay a dream home..with all the joys fulfilled

Anjaani manzil

Jitna pakdti hu us reth ko hateli per
Utna hi daaman chudati hain yeh..
siskiyon mein simti hain zindagi is kadar
ki ashk bi lagte paani se yeh..
Samajh nahin aata ki samjhau unhe kis tarah
ki ab hum ho gaye juda juda juda se..
Ae kash aisa hota ki hum jo cahhe waisa hota
ki ab to mangte hain khuda se dua yeh..
Kisi raah mein mil jaaye aise
ki nadi aur samundar bhi le humse misal yeh..
Kehte hain samjahdaar yuh to sabhi hume
per phir bhi apne per aitbar ki kami ka ehsaas sa hota hain
Yun hi basar ho gai zindagi agar
to ek bhoj hamesha rahega mann per
ho sakta hain guzar jaati apni chahat ki buniyad per yeh..
Chod di hain zindagi takdeer ke bharose
dekhte hain le jaati hain hume kahan yeh..

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The ecstasy called "Shopping"

OMG..I was coveting to write bout shopping...
Personally there's only one thing i do with full zest and that is "Shopping"
This addiction is also termed as Oniomania...
I recently watched a movie called confessions of a shopaholic..
I loved the flick..the way they have shown the mindset of a shopaholic
How when the actor passes by the store, the mannequin urges her to buy.
But it actually happens..the same way..uncontrollable
Later in the movie.. the guru who helps in reducing the shopping suggests
Whenever you wanna buy any stuff ..just ask yourself --" do u need it "
So i tried this onetime ...and first the answer came no..but then it came ..may be not ..i don't have the same colour...
The pleasure of having the possession post purchase is divine
That feeling of ownership fills your heart with so much of content
Shopping also overcomes the mood swings...
I am telling you ..whoever doen't enjoy shopping is missing one of the good things in life..
The colours..textures..just woo your heart away..into an another world..
I may be speaking french for some but for others who understand what i am saying this will surely click :)))

Practical or Emotional?

For all the people who are emotional fools like me..gonna like this
For someone who is practical and logical all this is meaningless..still there is no harm reading..
I wonder how one can be so logical and practical ...
That all the emotions just doesn't reach em'
I think they just create a world based on logic and close all the gates entering that world..so that they can't think above and beyond it...
Likewise even emotional people like me also build a world full of emotions and feelings...and the worst part is we open the gates for all..so that they come and shatter it..
A lot of times we encounter people who plot against us, harm us,hurt us...
Logic driven robots (i'll call them) remain untouched
Emotions driven fools injure their hearts gravely ...
Sometimes i feel being logical is the right approach towards life it is harmless...planned...with set rules
The other times I firmly believe that rather living with rules and indifferent attitude...it is better to feel..express...
Atleast speaking out the emotions is better than reserving it or not speaking it at all ...
So that we don't end up in repenting solitude...for those unspoken emotions..
Balancing both might be a way out..lets c i am gonna try that !

Monday, September 6, 2010

Feels stuck..and sticky

Do you ever feel ..stuck or sticky..
I am sure all of us feel that way every now and then..
Basically when things are going out of control or what we wish does not happen
Everything seems so clumsy..a single day seems like an year and we want to run away to peace
But where is peace if it is not within us...
The situation , person,expression, action which makes us feel stuck should be uprooted there and then
But since we are stuck ...it sticks to us for life whether we like it or not
What I have realised that it is only the mind which plays all the games
Sometimes fills us with utter happiness and sometimes with deep sorrows
Sometimes makes us comfortable and sometimes sticky
At once it wants to live the whole life like that, the other time it wants to have space.
Though everything has its P's and Q's ..we cannot forget the lovely times for those sticky ones..
All what we can do is ..whenever those sticky ones arrive ..think about the lovely ones which will be coming after those..:)

Art of Love

Love is such a lively feeling...
It tempts to live all over again..
Those dreamy eyes...those bouncy steps
That sly smile...after waking up in the morning
The long chats in the night..
Knitting dreams like fantasy
That longing to meet..talk..
The planned dates and surprise gifts
The soul gripping possesiveness
The pounding heart saying I love you..
Finding reasons for a single sight
Losing mind ...thinking bout love
It is incredible to fall in love with a person
But it is fortuity to fall in love again and again with the same person everyday...
I think i am fortunate enough!

Money plant..

As i was watering my money plant in my balcony the other day..I realised that it can be cut and put in a glass filled with water too...So i put two budding portions into two glass bottles...they did really well..To my surprise i realise it teaches us so much being an indoor bonsai

- If it is rooted well it will continue to grow well...
- It thrives in bare minimum..
- Can grow in soil, water,with or witout moss in any condition ...
- Just support it with anything to achieve any length ...it will
- Everytime the new bud shoots up ,is not suppresed by the older ones ..rather the older one gives the newer one support to climb
-Sky is the limit ...as it continues to grow..with normal sunlight and monthly water change
- Adaptation from soil to water or vice versa..It survives
- Jade green appearance adds freshness and beautifies the house ..likewise the world

It is such a unique plant...with abundance in nature..so much in itself that it inspires us --to cultivate Never say die spirit , To climb as high as possible , not to put down people around us , to be adaptive , to thrive in bare minimum and beautify the world and make it a better place to live

Friday, August 6, 2010

Hum Tum

Aaj hum tum chalenge
Iss duniya se durr chalenge
Chalenge badlon per taroon ke paar chalenge
Chalenege jaha pyaar ho
Jaha sirf tumhara saath ho
Jaha per koi na aa sake uss ore chalenge
Chale hum saath lekar uss khwabon ke karwan ko
Jisse hum saath haasil kar ke rahenge
Jaha na ho gum ke saaye
Na khushiyon ke khone ka darr
Jaha milta ho suraj zameen se
Bas uss ore chalenege
Yaha rehkar bhi paa sake na jo manzil
Ab uss manzil ko paker rahenge
Chalte chalte agar ruk jaye kadam
Ghabrana mat kunki saath honge hum
Mushkile ho kai per hum dat kar chalenege
Raaste mein milenge hazaron log
Koi achche koi bure milenge
Taye karenge hum kise apna bana kar chalenge
Saath aayenge kaam,krodh,moh,lobh...unhe bhi paraajit karke chalenge
Banyege aisa aashiyan jiski chahat hain
Jaha na bheed ho,na koi shor
Sirf pyaar ki ho har baath
Khwahish hain ki bas tum ho saath
HUm saara jahan jeet lenge
Aaj hum tum chalenge
Iss duniya se dur chalenge

Friday, July 30, 2010


When your loved ones are gone then you feel that longing in you heart to meet them again..to be with them again
Suddenly you feel that so many words are unsaid and actions undone
Even most of the talks seem less
When they are gone you feel so incomplete and lonely
Every part of the house reminds you of them
The life gets filled up with silent emptiness..
Distances are good to maintain but reunion are a necessity..
Just miss the golden days...spent with family...
Wish days of togtherness return again..

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sadness rules

Have we ever thought..
what pleasure do we get in gaining sympathy from others?
why we like sad songs more than happy ones?
why we are more attracted to the sadness of life?
why do we brag about our pain?
Why is break up more memorable than falling in love?
why we are haunted with the fear of death and don't find the joy of living
why we think of leaving before we even arrive?
why we find flaws in the people overlooking the good qualities in them?
why do we love bitching about people around us?
why we realize the importance of happiness when it is gone?
why we miss are loved ones and think of things unsaid?
why we repent the past and not enjoy the present?
why bad thoughts come before?
Negativity has grabbed us in its clutches in such a way that...the good things in life have become hideous..
Sadness quietly and dominantly rules our ways of life...lets now define happiness and fill it in our lives..

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Contemplation of the present

Recently i was reading an article by a famous author
He intrestingly says that the contemplation of the present is most important
All our lives we just plan for future or repent for past
We should now gaze upon our present and plan it in such a way that
we live every day as the last day of our life
We meet people as we are meeting them for the last time
We talk to our loved one as we are doing it for the last time
Then only we can relish our present...
He also says that both pessimist and optimist die at the end
The only difference is the way they live their lives
This is a very heart touching quote...i have come across recently
And it forces me to think how much am i living my present and amazingly the answer
came that i am not..
Nowdays we are just running after status,money,materialistic things
and not after relationships,values,traditions which are more important...
(No offence just a point of view)
The future is unceratin and past has gone but present has to be taken care of
My piece of advice "LIVE LIFE DON'T PASS THROUGH IT":)

Untamed destiny

Destiny...a big word but,cliched big time
This word acts as a saviour for lot of us
Though the due course is untamed but
The usage of the word is fantastically dramatized
A good way to escape from the efforts required
A better way to compensate for the shortcomings
A best way to prove the disability or "impossibility"
poor word! all the expectations,efforts rests on it
It is believed that "Destiny" will miraculously fix life
Life is like a crossword puzzle which is destined to be solved
Hints are also given in real life the same way in puzzle
Although we get some of the hints correct but the rest come to us with time
The same way the life gives us hints all the time to achieve our destiny
But we understand some intially,with our prior experience
and the rest comes with time and efforts
Everyone of us have our own destiny in life
Whatever people say or think it doesn't matter
What matters is achieving it on our own
Destiny certainly is untamed but entirely achievable

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Flaws Anyways...

My writing this is to make a point on how we always end up cribbing...
Cribbing on everything around us
Sometimes to pacify and sometimes to satisfy ourselves
The whole lifestyle is dragging us in becoming cribbing souls
We find flaws eitherways...we do the thing or not
People working find flaws in their work..people not working find flaws in not working
People in smaller cities find flaws ..people in bigger cities find flaws
People in joint family crib...people in nuclear family crib..
People in love marriages crib...people in arranged marriages crib
Indians living in India crib..Indians abroad crib
Basically its just about seeing the grass greener on the other side..
and the fun fact is we do our best to find flaws in anything we do
Sometimes even the positive thing is taken as a con
Nevertheless however times i mention the flaw finding ...I am still finding flaws in my writing ...
It will go on and on ...flaws alas!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Jobless attire

Alright i admit i am jobless for the moment..
actually its been quite a while now..
intially it was a nightmare ...i know a big word..but i felt it is ..
but the circumstance forced me to quit the job..
then eventually the attire become little friendly but i was still desperate..
Thanks to my desperation ..it landed me into a job which was not at all my types..
but i still took it up ..coz it was a "JOB"
So i started with it sincerely just adapting it as the job i might like
But it turned out to be tedious and
Soon i had "it" and i left...
Leaving me with this montonous attire of joblessness
Never did i thought that this attire could bewitch me...
Letting me be free and clear..helping me do things i love
Brought me near to my inner thoughts in form of writing
Brought me more closer to music and movies
Helping me bond closer with my family and friends and helped socialising
Benefitting me in inculcating reading,cooking..and a lot more stuff than i can describe
I may be seeing only one side of the coin or half glass full of water..
people treat it like a sin..."u are having a degree why you do not work.."
Whatever it may be i am enjoying it for the moment..
And "Job Hunt" will be on as usual with that appetite of a better and desirable job..
basically to ensure the full utilization of talent and time...
Eitherways i am doing that..

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Flash of the genius

Usually i am a big movie buff specially english movies..
I can do all what it takes to watch at least one a day
So yesterday i encountered an amazingly inspiring movie.."Flash of the Genius"
The hero of the movie greg kinnear is shown to have fought the court case for damn 12years just to get the recognition for the invention he did..which a company copied..
I am telling you its a treat to watch..
This guy lost everything in life family...money
But he fought the case on his own with no lawyer ready to fight his case..
At the end of the fierce and tiring 12 years, he got the recognition and a handsome amount..
He was so confident that he could fix it ...never lost hope..just hung to it till the end..
I have read somewhere that the people who are over confident follow the rules
and the ones who are confident follow exception
I was wondering these artistic guys are so madly passionate about their stuff..
They can go to any level to make it real and going..
But somewhere i feel the same passion is shared with people with little or nothing to loose
Coz they can put in their 100 % without any fear to loose..and ofcourse the urge to get on the top as they are haunted by their lifestyle
Normal people like us have to put alot effort to get that passion..lot of fears engrave..
A lot of times we become passionate but the passion falls short in becoming a mania
and until unless it doesn't gets into the head like a mania ..things just doesn't happen
On similar lines i have also seen a movie called "Erin Brokovich"
As again it is a fabulously inspiring movie..makes you to think..don't just be another lamb in the herd..raise voice for justice..
The way passionately Julia Roberts goes all around the issue and finally helping the people with justice..
It requires a lot of courage i would say ..to be different and stand for it till the end..
Seeing these exhilarating people..sticking to a thing ....makes me have those goosebumps..
I crave, if I can have even 1/4 of that kind of a passion to make my dreams come true!!
Do watch them if you get a chance...they are eye opening..

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Unreasonable Reasons

This is something we all must of done it sometime or the other in life..
Unreasonable reasons knowingly or unknowingly
Reasons have this humungous flair of turning the situation around
Can't steal away the wittiness from them !
Go down the memory lane..
Remember the reasons for throwing chalks in the classroom..
Bunking classes to watch movies..
The reasons for staying out for a party at night...
Breaking out from the hostel...just like that
The reasons to meet the person you love...secretly
going out on those magical dates along
The reasons for not passing with flying colours
proving every minute of exam preparation..
The reasons for not being in touch or missing important dates
Missing the calls and messages
The reason to take a holiday from your boss
Getting sick is such an handy option..
The reason given to wife for coming late from office
Whether over timing or office parties
The reasons for fighting over and over again
just to gain attention..
These reasons have touched our lives so deeply that they merely seem UNREASONABLE

Wish emotions could talk!!

I just wish emotions and feelings could talk
I think 99% problems in the relationships would end
Imagine tears talking and smile speaking...
Best it would serve the people who are inexpressive
Some people say that one should understand the silence,emotions and feelings
But on the same lines i feel only the expressive people understand all the above
Coz they have that art of expression which make them good at reading too...
Expression for the face is same as icing on the cake...
You must be think why am i intresting in exploring the expression planet..
The reason is my curiosity that how can a person not be expressive ...
Its such a nice feeling to embrace and express...
If emotions could talk , they could breathe new life into the relationships
Will finish the misunderstanding,hatred,jealousy....and would spread love...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Volatile Habits

Habits they say...stays forever
But the fact is the later you accustom, the sooner you overcome them
These habits are highly volatile, which stands to its own irony
Habits are often confused with lifestyle
But My dear friend it is just one bit of it...
Years of habits just absconds in few days
A few days ago i was going through my old cards and letters
I realised i had this habit of writing regularly
and another realisation came along was that the habit has escaped
Then the determination followed and landed me to this blog
So the point here is ..bad habits...chuck them
Good habits either forgotten or neglected should catch hold on asap...
Rejuvinate and rejoice the busy lives ...take my word it acts like a therapy

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Caressing whispers..

Whispers have a very low sound but a great impact
The caressing whisper of a Mother
The enchanting whisper of a Lover
The witty whisper of a Friend
The gossiping whisper of the Crowd
The mocking whisper of a Critic
The innocent whisper of a Child
The curious whisper of an Apprentice
The assenting whisper of an Associate
These whispers are heard beyond the ears...
Touching lives and soul...to the heart core

Monday, March 29, 2010

Boundless Aspirations

Aspirations arise everyday..leaving back an urge towards them
Some of them are attainable,others unattainable but most seeked upon..
I aspire to travel the world
I aspire to start playing guitar again
I aspire to become a designer
I aspire to prove myself
I aspire to do a lot more..
Aspirations are eternal and infinte ,to me they occur every second
Its impetus compels me to go beyond my limits
To rediscover myself within ..although i am perplexed to prioritize my aspirations.
Everyone has aspirations which connect deeply to their hearts..
Its the choice which chooses our standpoint also baptized as DESTINY...

Friday, March 26, 2010


A few years back when i was asked what i want to become
I used to say a "Face in the Crowd"
Little did i know that the crowd doesn't care !
Crowd pulls you down and makes you face denial
People come ..people go..you just move on in life
Time heals up everything and the crowd once mattered disappears
The reality pops in which is you and your innerself
The human nature is so adaptive ..its said that anything you do continously for 21 days and you get used to it....strange!
Crowd just passes by...along with the criticism and compliments..down the line individuality does magic...
The people once so close...so affectionate don't even remember your name
Nothing matters in life only your individuality and hearts speaks
Its mystifying that we rarely peek into our own selves..what we really want?
All this while we are doing things to woo the crowd
Lets start doing those little things to pamper ourselves
Lets start seeing good things in people around us
Lets just leap forward the crowd....and fly in the sky of our own dreams

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Grievances are so well imbibed in our daily life that we hardly notice..
Grievances for the past,present, future although the past one is the more nostalgic
Even the worst options of past,not chosen ,leads to grievances
The better options of the present ,chosen,leads to grievances
The everchanging options of the future,ambigous,leads to grievances
Grievances is something we are fond of and love to stay with
The harder we try to forget the harder it bounces back with more regret
We chase grievances in every way whether socialising, working,relaxing,enjoying
And the best part of this grievance virus is ..it empties you within
It will stay with you forever filling you with that miserable feeling of something you can't control
We all come across such grievances where we reconsider ourselves again and again
Reconsidering the reasons for not being reasonable at the time of need
These lines from T.S. Eliot's "Prufrock"stands true:
Time for you and time for me,And time yet for a hundred indecisions
And for a hundred visions and revisions,Before the taking of a toast and tea.....

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Unpredictible life

Life sometimes seems usual sometimes bizarre
The same old path seems new,drives us to react differently
The same old turns seems unturned ,as they show a different destiny
There are times when we feel that that where are we heading
Are we the same old amibitious human being heading towards the same destiny
or do we have to achieve new targets
The unpredictibility of life is so unknown that even life can't tell
The phases of life whether ups and downs , mood swings, incidences
occur in such a manner that it forces us to think ...can we really live the life we want??
As life passes by many a times life touches us and tempts us to start all over again
Again the same path ..same companion ..but different destiny........