Friday, December 2, 2016

Overboard with emotions!

My amplifying emotions has been always a problem with all my relationships on this planet i always have given more than the other person could give...Had it ever happen to you where you have been standing only on the sending end?
How much can you give and if you don't recieve the same frequency how much can you emit ?
In similar situations the frequency dies a slow death because you are constantly trying to match two things a) expectation of that relationship in your head and b) the frequency of the other person and whilst the process your own frequency changes.
I always indulge more emotionally like a fool waiting to be made fun of ! After suffering also it didn't change my hurts when you are totally in it and the other person just takes you lightly...i think because you become too much available , too much available to talk , to text as you keep the person on priority and not because you are free and unoccupied.The other person doesn't realise it and takes you for granted...and i hate this part!
Why doesnt you recieve as much as you give? When i can invest my lengths n breadths of emotions in a relationship , why not recieve the same passion. I know people are different an blah blah . But the simple rule of life says - what you give is what you get !  What is the use of Karma if it gives it back to you in form of other people , and not in that particular relation?I feel a relationship is  futile if it is not intense!
So the theories of may be you weren't meant to be together or it was not suppose to last also doesnt solves my curiosity! If you can recieve why can't you give back ? Either stop being on the recieving end at all or just respond! People all their lives can't decide what are they looking for , when they can't identify they even loose what they already have.
Life doesn't gives second chances... always value what you get whether it is small or big but the other person is investing emotionally,you might not fall for it initially but eventually you will realise that this is what you have been seeking. So if you ever get lucky recieving the mountains of emotions and love , don't fear to climb it ...every step of it will be worth your time.