Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Flaws Anyways...

My writing this is to make a point on how we always end up cribbing...
Cribbing on everything around us
Sometimes to pacify and sometimes to satisfy ourselves
The whole lifestyle is dragging us in becoming cribbing souls
We find flaws eitherways...we do the thing or not
People working find flaws in their work..people not working find flaws in not working
People in smaller cities find flaws ..people in bigger cities find flaws
People in joint family crib...people in nuclear family crib..
People in love marriages crib...people in arranged marriages crib
Indians living in India crib..Indians abroad crib
Basically its just about seeing the grass greener on the other side..
and the fun fact is we do our best to find flaws in anything we do
Sometimes even the positive thing is taken as a con
Nevertheless however times i mention the flaw finding ...I am still finding flaws in my writing ...
It will go on and on ...flaws alas!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Jobless attire

Alright i admit i am jobless for the moment..
actually its been quite a while now..
intially it was a nightmare ...i know a big word..but i felt it is ..
but the circumstance forced me to quit the job..
then eventually the attire become little friendly but i was still desperate..
Thanks to my desperation ..it landed me into a job which was not at all my types..
but i still took it up ..coz it was a "JOB"
So i started with it sincerely just adapting it as the job i might like
But it turned out to be tedious and
Soon i had "it" and i left...
Leaving me with this montonous attire of joblessness
Never did i thought that this attire could bewitch me...
Letting me be free and clear..helping me do things i love
Brought me near to my inner thoughts in form of writing
Brought me more closer to music and movies
Helping me bond closer with my family and friends and helped socialising
Benefitting me in inculcating reading,cooking..and a lot more stuff than i can describe
I may be seeing only one side of the coin or half glass full of water..
people treat it like a sin..."u are having a degree why you do not work.."
Whatever it may be i am enjoying it for the moment..
And "Job Hunt" will be on as usual with that appetite of a better and desirable job..
basically to ensure the full utilization of talent and time...
Eitherways i am doing that..

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Flash of the genius

Usually i am a big movie buff specially english movies..
I can do all what it takes to watch at least one a day
So yesterday i encountered an amazingly inspiring movie.."Flash of the Genius"
The hero of the movie greg kinnear is shown to have fought the court case for damn 12years just to get the recognition for the invention he did..which a company copied..
I am telling you its a treat to watch..
This guy lost everything in life family...money
But he fought the case on his own with no lawyer ready to fight his case..
At the end of the fierce and tiring 12 years, he got the recognition and a handsome amount..
He was so confident that he could fix it ...never lost hope..just hung to it till the end..
I have read somewhere that the people who are over confident follow the rules
and the ones who are confident follow exception
I was wondering these artistic guys are so madly passionate about their stuff..
They can go to any level to make it real and going..
But somewhere i feel the same passion is shared with people with little or nothing to loose
Coz they can put in their 100 % without any fear to loose..and ofcourse the urge to get on the top as they are haunted by their lifestyle
Normal people like us have to put alot effort to get that passion..lot of fears engrave..
A lot of times we become passionate but the passion falls short in becoming a mania
and until unless it doesn't gets into the head like a mania ..things just doesn't happen
On similar lines i have also seen a movie called "Erin Brokovich"
As again it is a fabulously inspiring movie..makes you to think..don't just be another lamb in the herd..raise voice for justice..
The way passionately Julia Roberts goes all around the issue and finally helping the people with justice..
It requires a lot of courage i would say ..to be different and stand for it till the end..
Seeing these exhilarating people..sticking to a thing ....makes me have those goosebumps..
I crave, if I can have even 1/4 of that kind of a passion to make my dreams come true!!
Do watch them if you get a chance...they are eye opening..