Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Firangi fantasy

I never understood what curiosity and interest we Indians have towards the firangis...
Recently i visited a wedding ceremony and by chance there were a few firangis dressed up in indian traditional my surprise the the firangs were watched more than the bride n groom themselves..
We always have this fascination towards the colour, towards our rituals being accepted by them. Generally they back home would be normal people but definitely treated specially here...
So the whole nazara or call it a scenario was like all the eyeballs were sticking out to them, whatever they were eating those stalls were full, wherever they were going the camera was shooting them.
In the whole situation I was wondering what big-a-deal is it? Why were they treated like some bollywood celebrity? Everyone needs recognition but when the the nation as a whole gets recognition the people go over the top to show their happiness and that pulls down the image of our country.
I pity on us sometimes. With such a rich cultured, deep rooted, vivid nation of ours which is full of talent and outstanding abilities , we still are star struck by someone so different. But its all natural we always awe for the things we dont experience. Experience enriches the mind but leaves the interest barren. The irony somehow is that the westeners now want to adapt hinduism, yoga, shastra and what not to become desi!
In addition to all said above , no offence, Indians staying out of India carry a false image of todays India and what it is capable of! Every nation has its own Ps and Qs , pros and cons; so what if in the prevailing times cons are more, but we are capable and worth of lot more pros. Till then we have to confide and  stick to our roots, we have lot more to pay off to our country than we think!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Tyrannical dentistry

Whenever I used to  cross the clinic of our family dentist I used to think that why they are not included in the normal league of doctors!  But after the recent hands on experience of one , I truly understand why they are treated seperate. This topic reminds me about the poem of robert frost where he termed the whole visit to the dentist as a vicious circle...indeed!
The tyranny of the the process and the after effects of the same are highly ferocious; the crux remains that whether you take a tooth out, or do a root canal to save it, or to fill up a cavity on the initial stage, believe me they are equally painful. I was glad that now that the wisdom tooth is out I will be at ease, but I think it was better inside buried under the bone.
From the part of the dentist I feel disgusting...looking in everyone's mouth first thing in the morning and last thing at the end of the day. Its a tedious and patient job though to fix them, regularise them as a part of orthodontics. Also a little can be done  with mouth that wide open staring at those set of teeth to be catered.
All in all a pain trotted, round and round journey of this vicious circle of dentistry. ..I hope one day it ends , and I resume my past role again without the agony:((