Friday, July 29, 2016

Pokemon GO hustle

As the Pokemon go  game is trending on the internet after a limited release including few countries never did i know that it will affect me also in a way..
The time for releasing the game was perfect as the summer holidays started in most of the western countries..secondly it dealt with a character that is well associated "pokemon"...thirdly they kept the concept the same of catching a particular pokemon, and lastly but largly its just addictive, there seems to be 142 pokemon variety (thanks to the pokedex which tells you all the available pokemons)where you can have multiple of each , the pokeballs are something you need to catch them with and you get them from the pokestops...(which here in my city is just one the train station)
So obviously the balls are vital and not all balls can catch the desired pokemon some goes in vain...on top of all this game detects your location and shows all the pokemon nearby on a real time map...most of them located at weird places like in the middle of a garden...on top of the bridge...around a a particular house...n all the crazy and weird places you can think about!
All this and more  information credentials goes to my two nephews 12 and 16 respectively who enlightened me in the last 10 a result i am technically dragging my car (below 20 kmph) on the road to let their pokemon eggs hatch..i am going to train station and buying a parking token to just stand there and get the free pokeballs...i apply brakes at most crucial places sometimes even in the middle of the road with a traffic signal...i am going to and around all the parks ..i never even knew exist, taking up lanes which were never explored!
Not only that my 5 yr old (who never heard about this pokemon ) knows the whole encylopedia about Pokemon and demands me to buy him some pokemon related toys! This game is taking up lot of focus from the daily lives , as the game goes wherever you go in the real time , and also there is no end to it But I am glad that , that it is taking the kids out of their comfort zones, of roaming outside in the open, they get happy to see people playing the same on the streets. Its a small city so nothing is that crazy!but the big cities must be challeneged with the craziness caused!
I was tempted to download it but thankfully i am off the grids for now....for rest of you who are the pokemon go lovers following the hustling , looking around for the rare pokemons as if  discovering a pot full of gold! This pokemon go has caused a phenomena , where technology is blended with the openspaces...and i never knew that it will take me places too.