Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Miraculous Motherhood

After successfully tackled mood swing periods and all the anticipation...I finally welcomed motherhood with open hands..September 8th marked the beginning of the new me..little fingers,little nose and a tiny head elated all the feelings I had before him...he looked exactly like his dad..same forehead and chin..after holding him for the first time in my hands i realised what it means...why people say that a baby gives birth to a mother....the feeling in unexplainable and divine!!! The hardships borne all the way to this destiny vanish away at that very moment..You just become the universe of your little one..the only one with whom the baby connects to the whole world, the one whose smell is the only thing the baby reconizes...absolute pleasure..I am loving every bit of it ....

Making a comeback

Coming back to my blog is like coming back to myself...have taken a brief break for a big thing in my life "MOTHERHOOD" although i am gonna write on that too...I missed it...will try to be regular though

Monday, May 23, 2011

Constant judmental

The forever on going thing which we come across is being "judgemental" or "judged"
By the way my question is ..who gives us the power of being judgemental about other person's life
Proving things right or worng is nobody's business coz who has termed or certified their theory of correctness
Everybody has the right and freedom of living in their own way, carry their own perspective.
Constant judgemental is faced in almost all situations whether:
making decision, performing action, appreciation/criticism,maintaining relations
This fear is somewhere deep inside all of us .
Running away or not performing is not the solution instead belief and avoidance is
Believe in yourself and rest will fall in place ..
Avoid it so that it does not weakens you and you can go on with ur own set of virtues..

Mile Tum

Jis din mile tum
Jeevan mein bhar gaye naye rang
Iss kadar chaaye dil per tum
Ki badla har dhang
Shuruat thi nayi aur kathin
per sab tha aasan tumhare sang
Samaye ke saath sab badla
Aur aaj humari zindagi mein hain ek nai tarang
Kash ki tum pehle milte
Bhar jaati iss jeevan mein aur bhi zyaada umang..

Birds of feather flock together...

True indeed...birds of feather flock together
To fit into others frame of mind we tend to behave like them ..in a flock
But once we become friends we just loose that added characterstic...
Thats why a lot of times we make friends real soon and loose them sooner than that
Its hard to maintain our individuality in order to please people
It is rightly said that we everybody around u is happy with u then something is wrong as u can't please everybody!
We shoud carry our own attire while making new relationships so that they last long..
Coz only genuine relationships accepts u as u are..

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Soulmate System..

I was recently reading this book...on life and soulmates
So according to the book each soul divides itself when incarnated
One part of which is male and another is female
Therefore u will always have a soul mate and you should try searching for them
It will cross u somewhere for moments or for years ..but u have to identify
They say that Adam's soul divided to give birth to eve..thats how they met..
It even says that you can have more than one soulmate..since a soul keeps on dividing on every incarnation
That generally leads to pain and suffering...
The point here is that if the souls have been divided for so long why are they not becoming weak...
So the book says that they don't become weak coz in every life they find love which gives them power...
As per this theory its strange to understand the soulmate system..that someone somewhere is made for uand u have to chase
What if....we find a wrong person and feel that they are our soulmates
what if...we never find a soulmate or fail to identify...
Heart and eyes play a major role...whenever heart pounds for someone real fast...or u see a twinkle in someone eyes every time they see you
He/she is the one...just don't loose any opportunity to spend a lifetime..

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Phase marches in and out

How hard a situation is ...it just vanishes after a while or rather calms itself
First we face it for the first time and slowly we be-friends it...
Phases of all sorts whether good or bad...whether fleeting or dawdling...they say..this too shall pass...
The vicious circle of our petty pity, anger..and frustration marches out with time...
Time,they say heals...heals watever remains as the grudge in heart..
Time has the power to set thing on right track at right timings...
We have to just trust our time...have to keep patience n positivity..
So next time when the phase marches in... just be pragmatic coz it will march out soon:)

Crazy hopes...

Everybody talks about taking a leap of faith...
For me...i think hope and faith are crazy things or just like a oxygen for the person on the ventilator..
Where the body is incapable of living still its given a "HOPE" to live artificially..
Hope gives u a false grip upon things u wish....
Always experience the fear and anxiety associated with hope..
So why the hell hope...
We as a human always take delight in taking up things which are negative in nature
Whether risk...hope...dreams...i know a lot of ppl here will disagree as these have to be taken in order to rise high...
This leap of faith which i talked about earlier is like talk of the town...whether u fall or rise
It so easy to say phrases related to hope ...dreams ...i think u shud do what the time requires u to do at that time...
No hopes..no failings..no sadness...and u will be able to utilize ur full potential....

When u loose...then u gain "REALISATION"

Sometimes the realisation comes later than the action...
Till the time the person is there whether u pay attention or not...it really doesn't matter
Then one fine day when that person belongs to somebody else
Everything becomes mere sand in an hour-glass
Why heart always skips a beat with older memories......
Why dreams still holds the past...
Why all of a sudden that person who was just nobody becomes a wish or rather possesion..
With account of all the negative things about them...you still long for their presence in your lives...
Things are always taken for granted because of which even the last good byes are weird...
Its hard to understand..whether mind really doesn't understand the heart or whether it is too fool to realise till the time it looses someone special...

Thursday, February 3, 2011


An intresting thought to think about is--
Even after knowing what is right and what is wrong..why do we choose to pick a "wrong"
There are tonnes of times in our lives
whether little ones or the bigger ones...
We knowningly choose something inappropraite..
Sometimes to satisfy the ego...or to fulfill family'e desire...or when left with no option...
Think if everyone of us just picks what is appropriate in a situation....
we'll be left with half of such sitautions...

"Mindless Heart" or "Heartless Mind"

Phew...a tough option to choose...
My instinct and my experiences say there are only two types of people
One with "Mindless Heart" and the other with " Heartless Mind"
I definately fall in the first category though
"Heartless Minds" are mighter than the former and believe that whatever they do is right...
"Mindless Hearts" on the other hand are softer, as they think not with their minds but emotions..
Imagine heart doing both mind's and heart's function and same goes for mind..
No wonder why people falling in both of these do some wrong