Thursday, April 29, 2010

Unreasonable Reasons

This is something we all must of done it sometime or the other in life..
Unreasonable reasons knowingly or unknowingly
Reasons have this humungous flair of turning the situation around
Can't steal away the wittiness from them !
Go down the memory lane..
Remember the reasons for throwing chalks in the classroom..
Bunking classes to watch movies..
The reasons for staying out for a party at night...
Breaking out from the hostel...just like that
The reasons to meet the person you love...secretly
going out on those magical dates along
The reasons for not passing with flying colours
proving every minute of exam preparation..
The reasons for not being in touch or missing important dates
Missing the calls and messages
The reason to take a holiday from your boss
Getting sick is such an handy option..
The reason given to wife for coming late from office
Whether over timing or office parties
The reasons for fighting over and over again
just to gain attention..
These reasons have touched our lives so deeply that they merely seem UNREASONABLE

Wish emotions could talk!!

I just wish emotions and feelings could talk
I think 99% problems in the relationships would end
Imagine tears talking and smile speaking...
Best it would serve the people who are inexpressive
Some people say that one should understand the silence,emotions and feelings
But on the same lines i feel only the expressive people understand all the above
Coz they have that art of expression which make them good at reading too...
Expression for the face is same as icing on the cake...
You must be think why am i intresting in exploring the expression planet..
The reason is my curiosity that how can a person not be expressive ...
Its such a nice feeling to embrace and express...
If emotions could talk , they could breathe new life into the relationships
Will finish the misunderstanding,hatred,jealousy....and would spread love...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Volatile Habits

Habits they say...stays forever
But the fact is the later you accustom, the sooner you overcome them
These habits are highly volatile, which stands to its own irony
Habits are often confused with lifestyle
But My dear friend it is just one bit of it...
Years of habits just absconds in few days
A few days ago i was going through my old cards and letters
I realised i had this habit of writing regularly
and another realisation came along was that the habit has escaped
Then the determination followed and landed me to this blog
So the point here is ..bad habits...chuck them
Good habits either forgotten or neglected should catch hold on asap...
Rejuvinate and rejoice the busy lives ...take my word it acts like a therapy

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Caressing whispers..

Whispers have a very low sound but a great impact
The caressing whisper of a Mother
The enchanting whisper of a Lover
The witty whisper of a Friend
The gossiping whisper of the Crowd
The mocking whisper of a Critic
The innocent whisper of a Child
The curious whisper of an Apprentice
The assenting whisper of an Associate
These whispers are heard beyond the ears...
Touching lives and the heart core