Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sadness rules

Have we ever thought..
what pleasure do we get in gaining sympathy from others?
why we like sad songs more than happy ones?
why we are more attracted to the sadness of life?
why do we brag about our pain?
Why is break up more memorable than falling in love?
why we are haunted with the fear of death and don't find the joy of living
why we think of leaving before we even arrive?
why we find flaws in the people overlooking the good qualities in them?
why do we love bitching about people around us?
why we realize the importance of happiness when it is gone?
why we miss are loved ones and think of things unsaid?
why we repent the past and not enjoy the present?
why bad thoughts come before?
Negativity has grabbed us in its clutches in such a way that...the good things in life have become hideous..
Sadness quietly and dominantly rules our ways of life...lets now define happiness and fill it in our lives..

1 comment:

  1. A major chunk of the questions have got no answers. These are simply the result of experience of looking at life from close quarters. Great piece to read.