Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Soulmate System..

I was recently reading this book...on life and soulmates
So according to the book each soul divides itself when incarnated
One part of which is male and another is female
Therefore u will always have a soul mate and you should try searching for them
It will cross u somewhere for moments or for years ..but u have to identify
They say that Adam's soul divided to give birth to eve..thats how they met..
It even says that you can have more than one soulmate..since a soul keeps on dividing on every incarnation
That generally leads to pain and suffering...
The point here is that if the souls have been divided for so long why are they not becoming weak...
So the book says that they don't become weak coz in every life they find love which gives them power...
As per this theory its strange to understand the soulmate system..that someone somewhere is made for uand u have to chase
What if....we find a wrong person and feel that they are our soulmates
what if...we never find a soulmate or fail to identify...
Heart and eyes play a major role...whenever heart pounds for someone real fast...or u see a twinkle in someone eyes every time they see you
He/she is the one...just don't loose any opportunity to spend a lifetime..

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