Saturday, June 7, 2014

Tyrannical dentistry

Whenever I used to  cross the clinic of our family dentist I used to think that why they are not included in the normal league of doctors!  But after the recent hands on experience of one , I truly understand why they are treated seperate. This topic reminds me about the poem of robert frost where he termed the whole visit to the dentist as a vicious circle...indeed!
The tyranny of the the process and the after effects of the same are highly ferocious; the crux remains that whether you take a tooth out, or do a root canal to save it, or to fill up a cavity on the initial stage, believe me they are equally painful. I was glad that now that the wisdom tooth is out I will be at ease, but I think it was better inside buried under the bone.
From the part of the dentist I feel disgusting...looking in everyone's mouth first thing in the morning and last thing at the end of the day. Its a tedious and patient job though to fix them, regularise them as a part of orthodontics. Also a little can be done  with mouth that wide open staring at those set of teeth to be catered.
All in all a pain trotted, round and round journey of this vicious circle of dentistry. ..I hope one day it ends , and I resume my past role again without the agony:((

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