Sunday, January 11, 2015

SOS - Unwanted Advices

Disclaimer: Only for the unwanted advisors in my life however much you ignore , you are ought to recieve an advice from someone or the other on something or the other..I am not saying advices are not good, they are fairly good and sometimes a headturner too, I look forward to it being the youngest in my family but I would love to get it from people I know, or from people I ask for it!

The best free gift anyone on this earth can give you are the "ADVICES" ( I am so done with this word). The most annoying part is I have got advices from almost all sorts of people even from strangers ....from my house help lady...from people I don't know in the lift...from the people I have not seen before on the road..from the distant relatives I had never ever met....from a friend who never keeps in touch with my life exactly ( technically not a friend anymore) ...I am sure most of us face this problem of unwilling diving in this ocean of unwanted advices..

Do you think the kind of people giving away the advices mentioned above really ( I mean really) give you a worthwhile chunk of information... without the knowledge of the background, lifestyle, my way of living, or for that matter what kind of a person I actually am!

The irony is there are times you just want people around you ( dearr ones) to absorb your emotions without being judgemental and giving away the advices. ..just a "lISTENER". The issue might be silly or i might i have a solution all ready for it, but i just want to pour it out my heart and mind..I m expecting a positive vibe and that it to it.But alas...

OK! Taken you must have crossroads with a similar situation and you kind of have a hold on it, but I am a different person with different opinions , how can I use the same strategy to overcome the same situation being altogether a different person...and frankly even you will not do the same  strategy again if it came on you....simply because of the reason that you learn everytime with every experience, and keep the pointers ready to avoid if they come next time...

Noone can expect anyone to behave the same as they did in their time of crisis..ya guidance is definitely seeked and thats how advices come into the picture..Now you would say its on you how you take that advice whether you want to keep or chuck it away, but words have such an impression that even if we want to chuck it away our extra sensitive mind keeps it in some corner stored as an information which always diverts us in a negative horizon...

Advices are welcomed but from the people who know me from in and out rest however much you claim to know me I am changing everyday , I am not the person Iike I was even the last year. Finally at the end i firmly believe that one has to walk in one's own shoes with their own feet gathering one's own strength after determining their  own destiny in their own circumstances!

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