Saturday, April 4, 2015

The Unexpected Chakra

Have you ever found your desired things in unexpected places ? 

Have you ever came across something you were looking for, for a long time at times when you left the hope of even having it?

Have you strongly commited to someone when you thought you are not ready at all?

Have you really got connected with someone you thought was unapproachable? 

Have you found someone totally opposite to what you perceived them to be?

Have you recieved right things at wrong places?

I call these tiny miracles they happen to us everyday and specially at unexpected times to cheer us up and to keep up our hopes intact...making our days more worthy. Any time such a thing happens with me I become more positive towards my life , and it also signifies that life is good inspite of all that stress around.
The good part is that we don't have to wait for them they just flow through the day with various events  sometimes in daily chores when you put some spice by mistake but it gives you a different tasty flavour you never expected to taste..other times when by chance you find a long lost friend in another friend's list...or at times when you are really feeling lonely wanting someone by your side and a friend stops by to say hello!
Althought we hear this everyday but these tiny bits of miracles strongly indicates that expectations when kept low can do the trick to keep away from all the misery.  Next time you experience any of these take it as a stepping stone stop looking for things and start keeping your expectations low...then the real miracle will happen to you ....THE UNEXPECTED! which will change your way of looking at life and suddenly everything will give you joy and happiness.

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