Monday, October 12, 2015


Have you ever noticed that there are some people we just get attached to in a brief conversation and then there are some with whom we take years to connect...and then there are times where  we misjudge the friendships! We really do, misconception about a person hinders our attraction or fondness towards that person and instead of choosing the right one,we just choose the limelight one and then that kind of friendship doesnt lasts long.
Ever wondered  how in a short span of time the frequency matches. It feels as if you have known the person for years or like your words are filled in their mouth ( I mean she is just like me )sometimes the likemindedness, similar experiences, similar situations or similar choices connects you to the other person's stigma.
I am totally a people's person and i believe strongest bond relationships in everyday life, imprinting a  mark is the best thing can be done in one's life
Without a companion life goes rough but without a likeminded person it just goes wasted.
Met someone recently or years ago with the conversation which ignites a spark in your mind leaving you with the joy of talking onl!y that is the one who will carry your loads off and will bring out the best in you..don't evwr let them go off your radar and treasure them for life.

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