Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Are we really irreplacable?

So many times we come across this statement in our varied relationships--"No one can take your place" or "you are irreplaceable "but how much do you think it stand true...are we really irreplaceable? People come and people go and their fond memories is what captivates us and make them stand out. All our lives we just keep knitting memories some good and some bad; we are known for some and almost forgotten for the other few. While building up all these memories we somehow setup a notion that we no longer can experience similar or better memories with any other person. Our brain stores them as the best of all thus we say that no one can take place of a particular person in our lives.
It seems so foolish to believe so. It takes away the chances of meeting someone new and completely ruins the chances of getting much closer too! I believe that our heart is too fragile and gullible to carry in line with the brain, maybe that's the reason why there are people who experience falling in love more than 1 time because heart carries on the seeking, of a likehearted soul.
The heartbreaks have changed thanks to facebook for cheering up and helping recovering faster,the falling in love has changed thanks to instagram to display it better , being together has become acceptable thanks to the tweeting trolls.Everything and everyone has lost its value and still the technology is helping us to survive.In midst of this if anyone says that "no one can take your place " i completely fail to rely.
The loyalties today are shaken up and the meaning of the words in today's life are lost and there is no way to get those back, and ofcourse each one of us are replacable in thus volatile world! I hope i differ to agree later on this but thats the hard fact to accept.


  1. Wow .....come to this blog through Google and happen to read this Article. this is beautifully written. makes one take out a moment from every activity and give it a thought for a minute.

    1. Thanks Rakhi...keep reading..viewers like u give us motivation....spread the word...

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