Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Slow down

Slow down a bit there is to much to go for
Slow down a bit and enjoy it all
In no time everything will change
And later you will regret it all
Slow down a bit its not a race to finish
Slow down a bit this phase will also diminish You will wonder where did the years ran away
I was young just a while ago making the moments fray..
Slow down a bit to look at your body sometimes Slow down a bit and make it worthwhile Thrash the ego, wear a smile, leave your mark in everyones heart
Because you know soon it will all become past Slow down a bit make time for your family
Slow down a bit dont let the stress sway
A life so small to live is running away so far away We are holding up the grudges to make our speed slow and fray
Miss it or make most of it is the option we have to get away
Slow down a bit to travel to explore the world so big
Slow down a bit to relish a 5 course meal!
Spend the time with people you love
Or follow your heart's passion with a great deal Slow  down a bit there you are running too fast Slow down a bit there is much more to life than only that!

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