Monday, November 14, 2016

Of Passion and Self love

And that's how I keep coming back to  you , with different speeds but dire need of love. The more I think about you the more I feel I loose myself , its like entering the world of illusion .. of fantasies .. of dreams where whatever I desire I can achieve with your presence. The passion which brings us together bind us tight has an address of its own residing in our hearts unleashed.

The first time I was without you, I couldn't find a way on my own , I was like a phoenix which couldn't resurrect, that's how much I depended on you, but you never realized the madness I carried in my heart and soul for you. There were ways to define my love for you but I hardly could find words or synergize with your energy.

The second time I was without of you ..I was strong, strong enough to hide my weakness without you, I understood that by this time you are used to the fact that I can live without you. You took me lightly again and I broke down to pieces in my heart, but I stood strong thankfully you taught that very well to me. 

Then again a time came when we met , we met fiercely in the same tangent this time procrastinating the going away time this time. Everything looks same now as the first time with you and I passionately in love , the only thing remains changed that I am unaffected by  your behavior , I am strong in my heart and mind. I am no longer afraid of you leaving neither do I am refraining to keep myself away from you.Because I know somewhere in my mind that although our love  is  persistent but still we were never on the same page and you will still go away.

So here I am all strong headed, unaffected and self dependent , I realized in the due course that you don't need anyone else to assure you or praise you all along the way and you can do it pretty well yourself . We do get dependent on relationships in life and they become our main reasons to be stay alive but believe  me striving for self happiness is the only thing which will help us in long run and makes us keep going.

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