Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Unpredictible life

Life sometimes seems usual sometimes bizarre
The same old path seems new,drives us to react differently
The same old turns seems unturned ,as they show a different destiny
There are times when we feel that that where are we heading
Are we the same old amibitious human being heading towards the same destiny
or do we have to achieve new targets
The unpredictibility of life is so unknown that even life can't tell
The phases of life whether ups and downs , mood swings, incidences
occur in such a manner that it forces us to think ...can we really live the life we want??
As life passes by many a times life touches us and tempts us to start all over again
Again the same path ..same companion ..but different destiny........


  1. Nice piece of thoughts. Unpredictable and actually that is why interesting..

  2. Time to introspect. can we really live the life we want??
    Its all depends on one priority.. money or Happy.