Thursday, April 29, 2010

Unreasonable Reasons

This is something we all must of done it sometime or the other in life..
Unreasonable reasons knowingly or unknowingly
Reasons have this humungous flair of turning the situation around
Can't steal away the wittiness from them !
Go down the memory lane..
Remember the reasons for throwing chalks in the classroom..
Bunking classes to watch movies..
The reasons for staying out for a party at night...
Breaking out from the hostel...just like that
The reasons to meet the person you love...secretly
going out on those magical dates along
The reasons for not passing with flying colours
proving every minute of exam preparation..
The reasons for not being in touch or missing important dates
Missing the calls and messages
The reason to take a holiday from your boss
Getting sick is such an handy option..
The reason given to wife for coming late from office
Whether over timing or office parties
The reasons for fighting over and over again
just to gain attention..
These reasons have touched our lives so deeply that they merely seem UNREASONABLE

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