Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Volatile Habits

Habits they say...stays forever
But the fact is the later you accustom, the sooner you overcome them
These habits are highly volatile, which stands to its own irony
Habits are often confused with lifestyle
But My dear friend it is just one bit of it...
Years of habits just absconds in few days
A few days ago i was going through my old cards and letters
I realised i had this habit of writing regularly
and another realisation came along was that the habit has escaped
Then the determination followed and landed me to this blog
So the point here is ..bad habits...chuck them
Good habits either forgotten or neglected should catch hold on asap...
Rejuvinate and rejoice the busy lives ...take my word it acts like a therapy


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  2. U know what... writing has been a de-stress therapy for me in last 3 years... Hope one day all I can do is just write... Nice thoughts... Waiting for some good ones coming in time at this space.