Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Expression embeded words..

Randomly think about any word say "COLOURS"
the word itself is so vibrant and mesmerizing
Or lets say "COMFORTABLE"
I m so sure u feel that as soon as u pronounce that
The mood swings with the words "SAD","HAPPY","ANGRY"
makes u feel the same and even worse
Say "MONEY" and we find ways to get it or rather spend it
How these words and there usage brings them to life
Words can express a lot more than us
I sometimes think why these words don't have that much of a power
to control mind...
Think if we would say "THINK" then only it would think
If we would say "TENSION" then only it will take tension..
If these words could control mind ..half of the problems would vanish..
For now lets say " PEACE" ...my mind is ticking to it...

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