Monday, November 29, 2010

Experiences' Mouthpiece

I have concluded some things on based of my experience in life till date:

1. Everybody is in the race of success and wealth...and the worst part it ..if u are not in the race...phew u are damn inferior and out of the league
2. It should not matter what the other person is saying or doing..we should just do what we want to do with full happiness and satisfaction ...absolutely no comparisions!
3.There is no relationship as "best friend" ..all are friends at their own convience.
4. More time given to a person = you are taken for granted and you are treated as completely vella
5. Job is the only religion and nothing else
6. Socialising is a myth , privacy and please leave me alone are in fashion.
7. The stronger you behave, the weaker you are taken.

Either my way of living is too different or may be wrong but i really wanna say this--People please start living this is just one life one time..just listen,smile,chuck and move on..Talk your way out instead of those perceptions..people say they don't have time...what they are saying is cent percent correct...they don't have time to live,laugh,talk or rather exist!

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