Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Those 21 days

Lately my brother in law and I decided to take up a thing which we want to include in our daily routine but are not able to..to do the same we decided to follow a tried out method of 21 days...according to that method if you do a thing continuously and regularly for 21 days ..bang on..it becomes your habit..sounds easy ?? But it isn't ...21 days ..forget it I will notbe able to do it continuously for 10 dAys or so...those 21 days are not for ur habit but I think for ur determination...determination comes with the result if u do anything for 21 days..definately the result will come and hence the determination...I have took up the option of two things to jog for 20 min daily and to write daily...although both of them are quite easy ones ...but the lack of determination steals it all...let's see if I can do justice to what I have taken up for these 21 days..and at least let my determination built up..

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  1. Long way to go and it is not easy......21 days....but I am dying to see the sunshine on the other side of this hurdle :). This sunshine wud be enough to enlighten my next 21 days and nights with confidence and self-belief, which is very much necessary to overcome any hurdle.