Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Fervent Friends

This friends forever cliche is very common...but sooner or later as we grow in life this takes a back seat...but there are friends who are everyday friends...these are friends u need atleast once a day...friends who are so dear to u that u dn't feel complete if u dnt talk to them in a day or maximum twice in the week...waise i am too bad at keeping friendships...but i am lucky that atleast these people are still thriving with me...i really want to thank them with all my heart through this post although hardly we express how we feel ...as friendship doesn't requires that ..but still i realise how wonderful it is to have somebody to bitch with...shop with..laugh with...the feeling that somebody's is there when u want to speak ur heart out ...with whom u can be the way u are...who are always available to talk to u whether however much busy they are...there are some friends i have whom i am in very less contact ...i feel the same for them coz i can't forget the time spent with them...So all u gals thanks for being there of and on in my life...u make it really special for me...and be there the way u have been...naughty and nice...

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  1. i love u salooooo! my fishiieee, where r u??