Saturday, October 27, 2012

Distances and Differnces

Distances and Differences are just in mind...Both these words empty you inside out but seriously they just play in your mind..A lot of distances end up in differences which in turn spoils the relationshipDistances can be covered through miles but differences can't be met upOnce differences are created however much u try ..even solved still that pinch is there always in that relationship...Distances either creates an urge to meet up or an urge to run away..Sadly as humans we can't keep up more with the takes a whole lot of toll of our lives...We are so adaptive to our current surroundings that sooner or later we customise ourselves according to it...Differences are rarely confronted and even if confronted becomes the bottleneck...Its like the whole picture doesn't turns out the way it should be..a relationship like body without soul....It's just diminished...I am just in the phase of distances..trying to cope up with it ...hope will get the support from the other side too to keep up :))

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