Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Craving for Cribbing

We always have that craving of exotic holidays,relishing food, foreign trips,immense love,amazing car n so on... We crave to our grave about something or the other..but I have realised a thing that we crave to just satisfy our habit to crib...the funniest part here is, say u got the car u wished...still u will be having 1000s of reason to crib bout it..I really don't know why it happens with us but it does....there are very less ppl who are happy wih the way thy live..as they have accepted their lives with open heart and achievable desires...but everyone of us should sit and think that of all the things we have...how many do we don't crib about...Even in relationships we crave to have "Someone Special" and when u get a chance to spend your lifetime with him/her.. guess what? Still the cribbing is on...i think this is the first characterstic God has imbibed in us while making human beings..so enjoy cribbing :)))) and don't crib about it ;)

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  1. Being in HR, I can connect so very much with the term 'cribbing'. This is what I deal with on an everyday basis. And what I have realized after spending quite some time with such people around, is it's only going to stay. The more you give, the more they crib.

    When I do a self-analysis, I find I am no different in certain circumstances. This attribute is natural, it is inherent.