Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Emotions Vs. Electronics

Electronics has engaged us to that level that we hardly think of anything else than them...which phone to buy..what laptop u have..u knw a new ipad has come...how many gbs..how much speed..downloads..uploads...streaming... Technology has definately comfort us but gradually it has clutched us and taken a toll of our emotions...Imagine people nowdays express the feelings through smileys...no offence i also use them...Since the technology has come down to bits level i ponder if we were born in the era when only letters ...telegrams and telephone for that matter..coz at least u could have express through ur voice...what we would have done the whole time! Not only this, sometimes even staying in the same house me and my husband do whats app..obviously after a fight...but we can't deny the usage....These gadgets like..psp..ps3..ipad..tv..etc have even proved a barrier in communicating...ppl after coming back for befor going to office watch tv, waste the precious time they have it with the family...earlier were the times when there had been some talking going in the house.. The worst part is that they have become such an integral part of our lives that neither can we ignore them (otherwise will be called "not updated") and neither can chuck them off ( coz of the utility and somewhere status)...once somebody told me that if really u wanna give up something for sometime (like the ppl do upvaas) or give up food for a day for pleasing GOD they should try giving up electronics for a day...and see what change does it bring to themselves!


  1. I dont think it can bring a better change by keeping upwaas of electronics!! Its one of the things that helps u get connected with ppl with the thought in mind...It gives the network and the socil life which generally you fail to keep up in your busy schedule...Have kept shut the fb account for 18 months and then realised, i am missing on certain people's touch in lyf, though they wud not be that important, but yupp necessary!!!

    and do daily dieting of electronics by making your personal meeting time with the people with whom this is possible rather than doing upwaas and finding everybody else munching on electronics...

    Jus remember yesterday'c gtalk and check how emotions were helped by electronics :) So keep in touch (virtual atleast) didu :)

  2. A nice comparative, an apt take on two such aspects. Emotions is what we are made up of and Electronics is something that has become an integral part of our life. The question is about "Priority". Sometimes we fail prioritize what to pick and where to stop. Electronics can only take over your emotions when you 'allow' it to.