Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Anchor acquisition.

We all look forward to an anchor in life...
Anchor in form of a human being not necessarily our life partner or somebody we love or close to...
An anchor could be anybody
Who ignites the determination...
Who satisfy self..
Who helps in recognizing the passion..
Who takes us to our desired platform..
Finding an anchor is our major milestone to finish the life's journey..
Some of us find love in between and settle down thinking it as "the one"
some of them fall flat with a broken heart chasing an undesirable one..
Some cling to the wrong anchor and some just pass by them..
It takes sometimes the entire life to reach to an anchor...and some live without it tooo...
Now how will u know at any stage that u found ur anchor...
We will nt even try finding the answer to this question..this question might not even struck after the discovery..
That anchor takes us along the life journey not making it pain less...but definitely, much meaningful and light..
The good part of the story is..we all are also anchors somebody or another....
I m looking for might give me more reasons to love myself...i m gearing myself up in quest of the right one!

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