Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mum's word

Never did i realise the extent of the effort of a mom until i became one....mum gives , sculpts life and fill it with consciousness all her life...its like a specially triggered creature with traits imbibed with the title called MOM!!! Its said that there is no way to be a  perfect mom and million ways to be a good mom....n believe me all moms are well mastered with each one of them...its an innate nature which breathes in with a child's birth...of 1.5 yrs of my journey ...believe me its totally worth it...the twinkle in my son's eyes wen he sees me across the hall...the careless jump for a hug...the happiness after have found me after a hide n seek game...that cry to see me first after waking up from sleep...keep looking for me n checking me up in lil lil while....holding me tight wen gets hurt or scared...the ways he tell me to sit beside to watch he has nt started speaking the language but speaks the heart out to me in our own private language...all those sleepless nights...n rough intial days are paid off by a simple smile or a nod...i love u soo much Nivaan....i just cnt tell u .....u r my sunshine..n pls keep shining to make me go in life...


  1. Salute to the spirit of motherhood

  2. Am glad I got to read your post. Didn't realize you are writer at heart, and manage to pen it down beautifully.
    Would love to read more.
    Great Going, Kiran

    1. Thnx Kiran...writing has always been a part of me...its like meditation for me...i m glad u like it:)