Thursday, June 6, 2013

Meticulous means

Means with whatever nature are means or ways or methods to identify, reach,serve and attain a purpose..
All of us have a meticulous means in life for something or the other..
Identified or unidentified
Big or small
Lost or significant
Personal or public
For me i always want it to be a meticulous one..
The only meticulous or rather adhd thing i do is cleaning...
An ablutomaniac with a cleaning bug never fixed in mind
I sit down n think bout this syndrome ---why do i do it?
Somewhere it started with a way to pass time ....cultivated as a hobby and swallowed up like an occupation...
But now it is inseparable in my day to day life
They say a habit is gud till the time its just a habit...hope i will meticulously handle it coz the people around are overdone with it.

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