Sunday, September 15, 2013

An year of endeavors

Recently we completed a whole year in Kuwait..
An year of changes, endeavors and compatibility..
There is no specific no-no or even yes-yes for that matter in this country..but we indians just make our way out of everything..our govt teaches us that well..
Seen the spirit of festivals which is hard to find in India too... we take celebrations too casual and for granted back home..
Mostly stationed at one place -my home....thanks to the driving rules of the country for dependent visas..
Have attended parties and dinners maximum of all times....atleast one thing is happening which i like...being socially active..
Fitness has really taken a toll over and i m so motivated with the act of being lazy and confined to an indoor regime...
With grilled barbeques on the beach...camping in desert..flying kites in the humid wind...sheishas along are some of the favourite things of people around..
The weather permits only three seasons hot-hotter-hottest...phew!
My taste buds were glad to have tasted Arabic, lebenese food which otherwise i would not have eaten..
There is one more thing which cudnt be left talking about-shopping!
The flashes, glitterati, luxury shows in every Arab u see...with those out of the world eye make ups i wonder how innovative they r with their touch ups...
Surprisingly u get all original brands of the world and its first made too;)
All the cuisines  of the world with expats from every corner of the globe...
With the Arabs so fond of coffee shops and hanging around i feel major portion of the profits of star bucks is contributed by Kuwait..
Missed my home and friends in pune...the freedom to commute on my own...the galli, mohalla,nuklad spirit....the comfort zone which is now rebuilt....the accessibility to day to day just picking up the ph and calling two wheeler and the amazing monsoon and that cold breeze!
All in all an year to explore...observe and appreciate the country although nothing beats India;)) U r being missed...

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