Thursday, January 23, 2014

Where do we stop??

A scene
A person from a small village---"There is no scope in this village for my future i wanna go to the city to work"
Same person in the city----"There is not enough salary to work in the city i wanna go to a metro city"
In Mumbai----“phew! There is so much traffic paced do i survive...its better to work in Dubai"
In dubai--- “Things aren't like India...nothing like back village was the best place"

OMG where do we stop??? Did u get the whole idea of writing this story above...these kind of stories i often hear off..with people who just want to run away from the present situation and the place is a mere reason to back it...
Ask yourself where do we stop??? Lets skip the places...we do the same pattern with all the kind of choices we make in life!!!The core problem what it seems to me is the generation....we want all the things faster ..smarter...better...we can't wait...its a haste generation what they call..
Have u heard of any of our parents or older people talking about their nonstop future desires...probably they also talked about it in younger ages...but we are way before was peaceful n less competitive...having a was rare luxury....
Now these things are everyday luxury ..with the technological , well marketed and over customized world has brought everything on a click...
Our generation doesn't value...coz we never had to do any efforts to get these...they were never beyond our limits and always were over in abundance...we should sit back n admire our possessions once coz only acquiring doesn't finishes the conquest....
There is no definition of much is enough??? I want to save enough.....i want to put aside for my child enough....the point here is for whomsoever u r earning this enough growing up(child) ...growing old ( u n ur spouse)....time is flying..
Take time off...set limits to your goals...set up a benchmark of ur satisfaction....and work towards it...running with blinkers to win a race will never take you where you want to go...and even if you win the race...the people you were running for would be  left way behind... Think!

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