Friday, February 14, 2014

Karma- the ultimate reaper

They say Karma is a bitch ! It is the ultimate reaper of your worldly affairs, the balance sheet of your life with suspense account too!
The very popular phrase stand true in our lifetimes “what you sow is what you reap." I firmly believe that whatever u do here u r paid off here only in this life and there is nothing called heaven or hell..The concept of heaven and hell was created to control the that the evil is stopped with the fear of final consequence...
We don't realize this often that we take things for granted, mistreat people in our life span not thinking that anything which goes around..comes around! We fear hell but not the relationship consequence, its so hard to see that people ditch karma for a handful of money or an ounce of ego.
Its frightening to stay testimony of so much on that happens on the name of Dharma and Karma..i feel an act of give away, or an act to make feel someone special does not exists anymore! With all that i m not stating that all people are bad, but a few spoils the whole lot!
Disheartment fills up my soul, when i see around me the physical agony of being handicapped...a bunch of little things brighten up there faces...and we with all that is there just crib for the mere belongings..
Karma is what you possess in mind,heart an soul! Its your lookout towards your contribution to people around, something which makes you think before you do a deed; its nothing but your conscience shouting loud ...listen to it often , it will resolve much of your sufferings..and don't forget its a small life to cherish, love, laugh, be good and eat well! So now on your karma should be the one ur conscience wants to be ..and in the end ; it does nt really matters ... u will be just remembered for your sweet little Karma:)

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