Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mommy's heart out!

I wanted it. But when it came to me I realised what was i missing out or how much I desired of having it. The twinkling eyes,mushy nose,wrinkled skin and tiny hands; never knew that a baby brings that much of joy to your heart, its like purification of your soul and adding a meaning to your living.
They say of all the relations u have in this earthly dimension , you have an extra 9 month relationship with your mother. This sounded a little overrated before the self experience but  whoaa the experience of 9 months were definately worth it after seeing him for the first time.
The celebration starts with a baby's birth and is continued  every single day is a new day filled with different musings and explorations. The way the sun radiates and distributes energy and light everyday is the same with my sunshine my baby boy(although a toddler now).
Today on mothers day, nearing the third year of motherhood I am so charmed to be called as "Mumma" by my little one. A hug from him woes away the sorrows, a smile from him woes away all the anger. The innumerable questions he asks, the rhymes he sings, the useless demands he makes, the way he is particular for which clothes to wear, and all the naatak he does are so identical to being alive now.
As mothers we have got this opportunity to raise ourselves in form of our child, to live our childhood yet again! Its the most difficult yet most amazing and lovable task of all times. I want to dedicate this post to my son, for giving me an opportunity to be a mother and loving me unconditionally day in and out. If these kids would not have been around the word Mother would loose its sound. Happy mother' s day...


  1. Love the picture, especially the little imp's expression. It was wonderful reading this post since I could relate with all that you put in so beautifully.