Sunday, October 12, 2014

Disheartening disparities

With this clean India movement taking the full throttle, I wish the same way it could clean the minds of the people and wipe away all the disparities away with it. A Nation full of disparities either in terms of wealth, education, standard of living its highly required to be be taken up as a challenge.
Poorer are getting poorer and richer are getting more richer! The disparity is really disheartening,  how will this disparity dissolve ? Let me make it very clear that  I am not talking about the beggers here...they have enough money for their daily lives (thanks to their begging) but the small vendors like the balloon seller....popcorn seller...roadside sellers who just sell small things for petty cash to earn their one time meal for the day is what upsets me.
Ultimately their aim of life is to have enough money for two time meal( its that difficult) and some will say here...that is that it all they have to think of is earning two meals a day! After reading this line again and again I realise that how much we crib in our already privileged lives, and the goals, the benchmarks and the portion of wealth ofcourse..but I still wonder about their thought process, their way of living must be hard.
After having almost everything we desire we are so  much  wanting...but with no peace at heart and definitely no achievement also because our goals are undulating as we enter different phases in life. Yet I believe their life will be much at peace than ours , its a constant fearless life they live with nothing to loose, and anything which comes their way is heartly welcomed.
The way we talk about growing a plant every year on our birthdays to make the planet more greener, each one of us should start charity for any of the needy we see ..who try very hard to earn their livelihoods,  if not money the help with the education to their children or adopt a months ration for them.
Recently I encountered that a man donated his fridge and put it outside his house on the street put all the not required extra food which we anyways throw and waste..for the needy ( I know a lot of us will second this as the other people who might not be that needy can take it and the help will not reach the real needy..but atleast its a start..start to something good and fruitful..imagine if every house starts doing it imagine how much food can be made available. .
Think with this angle also at times, it gives immense pleasure to make someone happy even happier than the promotion or raise you are expecting this year! Charity can wave off disparities to some extent, if any thing is required ...that is definitely the effort of making up to someone who needs it the most.

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