Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Agony of the sweet tooth

What I am going to write today is what alot of people will be suffering through- the agony of the sweet everyone knows that diabities has really taken over a lot of humanity in its clutches making people incapable of producing enough insulin for rest of their lives.
Actually it is a hopeless scenario and until my blood picked up some traces of sugar I never realised the torture which a diabietic goes through! So when I found out about the traces and the fair chances of having it in future I became more concious and  started researching about this whole clumsy diet stuff...which restricts you for anything delicious in life:(
Suddenly I was counting  my carbs...proteins ..fat and all the other components of a specific food was tiring as well as eye opening...all this while the sweet tooth was blamed for having this condition but unfortunately it can hppen to anyone with or without the sweet tooth..I want to admit that my weight have been always on the plumpier side, got a lot of suggestions , advices and bribes to get skinner but I loved my self the way I was, never worried about these nasty carbs etc..but the traces have really pushed me to read the calorie facts, to eat on time, to eat in portions, and above all eat healthy!
Phew...I crave for so many things, but have to keep control and check of what I I sympathize with all of them around me who have this situation and realise the agony of the taste buds ,sweet tooth.I remember my grandmother injecting insulin before meals , then as a kid it never seemed so hassling but now even to think about taking it is devastating!
  I know things will not get that worst still this impaired disease really takes away your freedom to eat! Currently I am very disheartened and feeling cheated by the work done by my pancreas, and definitely I am not going to give this organ of mine an appraisal this time , with a hope of working better in coming days, the feeling has not sunk in and  i hope it settles well with all the people too who are going through this agony! Last piece of advise for all the people who take it lightly..pls keep a track of your glucose levels and remove the myth that it happens to those who eat sugar!

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