Wednesday, December 17, 2014

My questions to mankind.

While I was reading a story to my little one yesterday...a tear trickled down my eyes realising the agony of the mothers whose kids never returned home! Never did they thought that the kid will never come back , nor did anyone imagined even in their dreams to such massacre to happen . 

The pain is unbearable and no pain is equivalent to the pain of loosing a child...a child whom you have raised and watched over for more than dozen years.
An infant whom we teach how to walk and talk...the toddler whom we teach how to paint and write....the kid whom we teach all the manners and the way of life..the teenager whom we guide how to imbibe and shape your life...all the stages, hopes, desires gets buried in a single day

Its like the way you have lived all your life for someone and that someone is just gone (vanished) much before hos time with so many things unsaid and undone leaving no motive behind for parents to live.The pain in the hearts of the parents are strongly felt and empathised with.

Now how they wish of not sending the kid to the school that day....or the parents whose kids were sick and were at home must be thankful to God a million times. My heart goes out to every mother qho had experienced a loss with a magnitude so great like their world is shaken up and destroyed.

Past ghosts are revisited everytime with more brutal tragedy, but till what lenght can this barbarism can be taken ?  Its not a tragedy to a single nation but to the whole world, a display of how incompetent we are in terms of safeguarding the citizens or for that matter our mother earth.

What has happened to the humanity...what's wrong with the basic rules. There is no place in the world who don't give prefrence to women and children safety. But why is that prefrence is only talked about and never used or handled ?Why as nations we are so weak that anyone can harm the softer part of the society?Why can't we build a carefree world where kids get their share of  childhood.. adolescence and youth?
Why can't we make a safer planet for women to trot around the globe without being feared of nuisance? Why can't we avoid such onslaught to the innocents?

These are my questions to the mankind as a whole and not to a particular nation...region or religion. Why can't such incidents be taken up much above as the problem of the world instead of the particular nation's emergency ! Why can't these incidents just stop or resolved forever...

RIP: All the little and pure souls #Peshawar attack

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