Monday, December 8, 2014

Do you standup for yourself?

We as human beings have been so closely knit with the society and people around that sometimes we forget our own identity ..likes...desires..freedom.
.opnions...choices...even the daily frame of things!

Being emotional and not that strong headed I fear everyday of being diminished, I fear to loose out my voice behind the opinions, I fear to be numb and mentally blocked where my mind is driven my other people's decision. I have to constantly remind myself to stand by my beliefs and choices.

We are always taught to live an ideal life and not what we wish to live, and this notion is imbibed so well in us that as a parent I expect the same from my kid, n off late I realised that I am scraping off my son's own personality but expecting idealism from him. I am now trying to let him be what he is ofcourse the mistakes and tantrums are unacceptable but I want him to take his own shape..

Influences are everywhere  whether with friends, relatives or neighbours ; but influences should be welcomed according to you is most appropriate in your nature of things! The rights and wrongs of anything  are still undefined and much debated about. So listen to your heart and go with the flow!

I have experienced this that everyone suits to their own convenience stand by yourself and suit your requirements , this is how it goes in life,  because everyone is experiencing their own situations which are individualistic and too different.

Next time you feel shy, judgemental or opinionated please feel free to put your feet down and stand for yourself , you have seperate boundaries...liberties and likes , even if people around you don't agree to your taste give a damn and stand for yourself  even if you are standing alone ..cheers!