Friday, June 26, 2015

Live free ❤

With a room full of so called society or people how often can we be ourselves...our real selves and not what the people around us want us to be..? Always worrying about our image potrayal..our should be's...our right ways...our deceptive  good manners !
This society being judgemental finishes the game before it even starts, the rules of this game is simple- it says to suffer to keep the other people happy. If you follow this by ignoring your ownself you will be epic and unbeatable.
Okay! I agree we need people around to survive being a social animal but not on the cost of our own inconvinience... we need company to cherish, celebrate, compassion and comprehend and not  for pleasing some people who don't even bother about you.Anyways what standards are we talking about and who is there to test it; everyone has flaws and hence the fake and fancy outer shield becomes important.
Society is made by group of individuals who are like us, we are the one who are  deciding the ways of life and list of acceptables  of unacceptables. God didn't gave us our manual book along because none of us are same ....neither we are machines, we are just people with our respective genres, when we can't judge colours as to why they are light or deep, when we can't judge trees to be green and water to be blue how can we judge different  people onto some humanly created standards, rituals, superstitions. We have accepted all the things around us in the nature as they are because we know we cannot do anything  about it..its the way the nature naturally is! Then why not people? Why not accept them as they are?
Our society has meagred to an extent of competition thanks to our humanly created categories of brands and non brands! The base of which is so undulating and vague because what is best in ones eyes need not be best in another one. I fail to understand this whole criterion where anyone who is being himself is ripped apart on the verge of society's acceptance.
Life is given as a one time lottery ticket to encash and enjoy. If we start living every moment without slogging ourselves to please people around we will surely make memories rather than just walking through life. It will indeed create some misunderstanding in the beginning but gradually people will accept you as you are .

Live and let live

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