Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Regret Nothing

Why to regret
For the things which you never got to hold
They were things of past which you desired
But they didn't mean to fill your empty mould..
Sometimes we find something or someone which matches our needs..
Nonetheless all glitters are not gold!!
Spend your time wisely with your fantasies
They were never yours and they can never be
The cravings have an unprecedent nature
The more you yearn the more you are bowled
Forgiveness is a rare phenomenon which very a few practice
With a grudge held hard at the heart
They drag it too far increasing manifold..
Regrets hold no past and future tense but only present is what it knows
That too with the irony of holding the most memorable moments and a story untold
Its passes away with the matter of time
The desire looses it taint n flutters away becoming old
Carry as less burden of regrets as you can in life
It overshadows the best of you and the 100 percent which you could behold
Experience, smile, move on...as change is the only constant
Mold with the situation,grow with time, flex with the surroundings for a stronger foothold.

Image Courtsey:Pintrest

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