Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Mom's Missing report : Tv Remote

The Motherhood this time has been quite an adventure as if i am playing all the  treasure hunts at one time  of all the 30 years combined together..Being a MBA in Retail (the degree has been depreciated though) a thought got clicked....why not connecting Motherhood with RFID technology...LOL
For all those who are thinking what this RFID tag means , they are radio frequency identification tags which with the help of electromagnetic field can be identified or tracked ! So if i tag few of my important things ,atleast some of my treasure hunts will subside! 
You must be thinking that I am really going bonkers...yes motherhood has taken a toll on me but i am completely sane (atleast as of now ;)) Ok so here is the deal...My younger kid is an active toddler...sometimes hyper too. So he just keeps anything anywhere...anywhere includes the garbage bag too!! Hence i have surrendered with all my strength in finding things every now and then..
The latest item (one of the items)which has been missing is my TV remote (myTV is definitely jinxed,it just got repaired last to last week). There is no nook and corner in my house which is left to be searched, its like cleaning up the house for Diwali! But all efforts futile and its still missing...i wish i was gifted with RFID tags on my baby shower ! The tags would have secured my Remote and helped to me track it..
Remote is the latest as i said my mini router, my phone , his sipper, all his elder brother's stationery etc has all been gone through with this hide and seek..
How i wish they link the RFID with Motherhood as you are the most forgetful and restless of all times..and believe me with so much happening around with my hands full i can barely remember  where was it last seen and neither do I have a clue where it could be...
I wish he starts speaking early to tell me the wherabouts of a lot of my possessions till then i am going to just keep my fingers cross and keep guessing where all my stuff can be...

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