Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Uncalled TV detox

Day 1: Without TV

It was a bright sunny day and the 30th birthday of my dear brother in law on the April 7th when it crashed! My kids and my heart 
was deeply crushed with the sight of it. I was  trying with whole lot of new batteries and the buttons on the tv as well as the
remote, hoping for some magic to happen and it turns on..but all thanks to my badluck ,all efforts were going in vain. The home suddenly fely
so dull and quiet (ofcourse the background noise of my kids are always there). I didn't loose hope and thought to try my again in evening.
The evening also brought dismay and there was nothing to be done.

Day 2: Without tv

Our dear TV was suffering and we were suffering even more as we are so used to his presence, it was a friday, a weekend so the
customer care was out of reach and we din't have any other option than to just wait for the weekend to finish. With handful of two kids by your side it was hard to keep them entertained without TV.But somehow I managed with sorting the other sibling battles

Day  3:Without TV

We are missing watching tv so much,specially my younger son ..as his favourite nursery rhymes are no longer showing up on the screen
he is giving me the remote again and again  indicating to start it, it was a misery to watch crushing his expectation although
IPAD came to rescue still my TV has no comparisons. It was standing still and blank waiting for us to help.

Day 4: Without TV

The first thing in the morning i did was calling the customer care and they came and took the TV ! It is gone and we are feeling
lonely without it..no more cartoons or songs or daily soaps...life seemed so cruel and empty

Day 5: Without TV

It may take a while to get it ok may be 3 days to a week!i am so clueless to what to do ...as if i am missing my best friend
someone who comforts me when i am down (except coffee)..someone who wakes me up to a brighter day...someone who will not mind even if i change the channels
endlessly...someone whom my sofaset faces towards..Its so unusual how we get attached to all these electronics as if it was a
real person entertaining day in and out...In the hope to hear to the customer care soon i pass my time.
.....to be continued

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