Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Jobless attire

Alright i admit i am jobless for the moment..
actually its been quite a while now..
intially it was a nightmare ...i know a big word..but i felt it is ..
but the circumstance forced me to quit the job..
then eventually the attire become little friendly but i was still desperate..
Thanks to my desperation landed me into a job which was not at all my types..
but i still took it up ..coz it was a "JOB"
So i started with it sincerely just adapting it as the job i might like
But it turned out to be tedious and
Soon i had "it" and i left...
Leaving me with this montonous attire of joblessness
Never did i thought that this attire could bewitch me...
Letting me be free and clear..helping me do things i love
Brought me near to my inner thoughts in form of writing
Brought me more closer to music and movies
Helping me bond closer with my family and friends and helped socialising
Benefitting me in inculcating reading,cooking..and a lot more stuff than i can describe
I may be seeing only one side of the coin or half glass full of water..
people treat it like a sin..."u are having a degree why you do not work.."
Whatever it may be i am enjoying it for the moment..
And "Job Hunt" will be on as usual with that appetite of a better and desirable job..
basically to ensure the full utilization of talent and time...
Eitherways i am doing that..

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  1. Yours in one point of view. There is big confusion between how you shoud live our life.I strongly believe in the saying 'Everything happens for a reason'. If one thing doesn't turns out to be in our favour, may be it is insinuating us to check other avenues. While others say, don't give up , just keep trying and don't change your way. But whatever ideology we follow, bottomline is how much pacified we are in the end with our efforts.