Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Flaws Anyways...

My writing this is to make a point on how we always end up cribbing...
Cribbing on everything around us
Sometimes to pacify and sometimes to satisfy ourselves
The whole lifestyle is dragging us in becoming cribbing souls
We find flaws eitherways...we do the thing or not
People working find flaws in their work..people not working find flaws in not working
People in smaller cities find flaws ..people in bigger cities find flaws
People in joint family crib...people in nuclear family crib..
People in love marriages crib...people in arranged marriages crib
Indians living in India crib..Indians abroad crib
Basically its just about seeing the grass greener on the other side..
and the fun fact is we do our best to find flaws in anything we do
Sometimes even the positive thing is taken as a con
Nevertheless however times i mention the flaw finding ...I am still finding flaws in my writing ...
It will go on and on ...flaws alas!

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